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Battery & Charger

HITACHI-KOBE traction batteries are based on various high technologies and these technologies are being improved everyday.

Envelope type polyethylene separators, a lead powder ball mill exclusively controlled for traction batteries, high pressure casting non-porous grids, glass fiber tubes having mechanical, chemical and thermal strength…all these excellent features are only for HITACHI-KOBE traction battery SUPER <<LIFT TOP>> series.

Seal-up structure

A negative plate is put in the doubled separator and both sides are pasted completely.
Insulation improves and prevents the falling off of active materials, thereby can keep long life.
Separator is made of high polymer polyethylene which has good performance to keep the electrolyte unalloyed as the elution of oil in the separator is less.

PP materials is used for container and cover

Polypropylene materials is used for container and cover, which is excellent in heat resistance, hot weather, oil resistance and impact resistance.

Float mounted water plug

Water filling is easy from wide spout and being prevented from overflow with visible indicator.

Heat sealing

The container and cover are heat-sealed completely to keep sealing reliability.

Positive plate

Unique technology made excellent positive plates with finer crystal structure grid(spine) by using a pressure casting method and sealing to prevent active materials not to leakage from tube by bonding plastic part and tube.

New Water filling System

Filling spout is widened and its operation time shortened greatly.
The performance of automatic cut-off also improved.

Prevent explosion

The mechanism of seal portion stops entering gas generated during charge into water filling hose, so that there is no fear of explosion.

Automatic cutoff structure

Water is filled up to normal electrolyte level, the float rises and cutoff valve works automatically.

Conventional Plug cap is unnecessary

Water can be filled to each battery by connecting hose from main tank at once. It saves operating time greatly.

Easy and accurate to control the electrolyte

The position of red level indicator clearly shows when electrolyte is shortage and gravity measurement also can be performed easily from its wide spout.

Float mounted water plug 

Easy water filling

The spout is wide and it is easy to fill water.

Over filling is prevented

When the white portion of the indicator bar is seen, it is completed.
Therefore, proper amount of electrolyte can be maintained.

Simplified replacement

The plug can be mounted and dismounted easily with quarter turn rotation structure.