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M Force Machinery Ltd., established in 2003, is a Sole Distributor of “KOMATSU” Forklift in Hong Kong and Macao. We are also a Distributor of “HITACHI-KOBE” and “Global” traction battery in Hong Kong.
We import and export New & Used Forklift in Malaysia, Hong Kong as well as Mainland China.
In 2004, we set up our first branch office in Dongguang, China.
In 2008, we expand our business and set up a new branch in Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia.
In 2009, we set up our branch office in Osaka, Japan.
In 2014, we set up our second branch in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
We have over 200 units forklift stock to provide Sale, Rental & Leasing business in those countries.
Our service-men are well trained in Japan in order to provide a fast, professional service to our customers.